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pretty good animation

unfortunate that it was taken down of youtube but glad to see it make it's way here

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brings back memories

The game is cool, has some nice mechanics,
the lights and doors are a classic fnaf fangame trope,
the collecting emeralds thing also actually gave some more use for the camera.
but there's some bugs that i have found,
i had a glitch occur to me where you'd click one of the objects that makes a funny noise, such as the meow or fard sound, and then everytime i activated the camera, that sound would play,
and maybe it's just me but the movements in the office feels a bit janky at times,
also i randomly decided to play custom night but everyone was at 0 except Tomar, but the charcters still moved, i don't know if that's intentional
but i did also notice that tank man is only mentioned in night 3 despite him attacking me in night 2.

also, i have no clue what hank does aside from hiding in the dark, i'm kinda confused on how he works exactly, all the other characters i understand how they function some what but not hank.

But i'd say despite the flaws, it's still a fun expirience, except for ritz
i do not like the rat, grrrrr.

Aside from the gameplay it's self, everything else is just fine. no problems what so ever, it has a nice atmosphere, some good comedy, and some really cool designs,
i like the art, but that's more of a subjective thing.

and as for my final message :

"This game is cool"

great job

Frosty responds:

ty for the review! im not sure of the cause of specific bugs (this is my first actual game so i expected a lot more then people have run into)

as for hank he is just tougher to see

also I'm with you on the ritz part lol, i scared the shit out of myself while coding it (esp since sometimes he would just ignore his code)

man i remember this, kinda nostalgic tbh

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real shit

How majestic ...

bf is very much packing ...

What i meant to say is i love drawing circles
love flash, and also Hate it grrr
still learning :)


art guy :)

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